• Step 1 - Create an Account

    Your start into the Cryptiverse begins with your very first Crypti account. It builds the foundation for every interaction with the Crypti blockchain and Crypti services. You have two options to make an account. You can use our web login or download the latest client to your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS device.


  • Step 2 - Get XCR

    XCR is the currency that powers the Crypti network. All actions taken on the network require XCR to process. There are several different ways to get XCR. Users can discover bounties on the Crypti community forum that reward XCR or participate in competitions and giveaways within the community. Otherwise, XCR can be bought through various crypto currency exchanges. The current market price of 1 XCR is ? BTC or $?.

  • Step 3 - Configure Your Account

    Your Crypti account has several advanced features that can enhance your user experience. You can start by personalizing your account by adding a custom username and adding your friends to your contact list for easy sending and receiving of XCR. You can also add a second passphrase to increase the security and integrity of your account. We highly recommend all users add a second passphrase to their account.

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  • Step 4 - Get Involved

    Crypti is a community focused experience and the users don’t just control the network, they are directly responsible for its’ success. By getting involved in the community, users can help grow the Crypti network and improve the experience for everyone. A great place to get started is by joining our Crypti Chat. After that, give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or become a follower on LinkedIn. Most importantly, keep up to date on news and developments through our official forums and reddit channel.

  • Step 5 - Become a Dapp Developer

    If you have already done the 4 previous steps and would still like to be more involved in building the future of the Crypti network, developing your own decentralized application is the next step! If you already know JavaScript, you are well on your way to deploying your first application. To find out more and learn how you can get started working with our extensive APIs, read our white paper and documentation.

Get started with Crypti

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